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Нова услуга и нов телефонски број на МНР за подобрување на конзуларните услуги

Министерството за надворешни работи во насока на унапредување на процесот на давање на конзуларни услуги и грижа за дијаспората во континуитет спроведува проекти што имаат за цел подобрување на работата на министертвото. Во таа насока, веќе од денеска на веб страната на МНР е поставен прашалник „Колку сте задоволни од конзуларните услуги?“, преку кој ќе можете да ги споделите вашите размислувања за услугите во дипломатско-конзуларните претставништва на Северна Македонија во странство. Исто така, во фукција е ставен и телефонскиот број преку кој, користејќи ги современите апликации, WhatsАpp и Viber ќе можете директно да се обратите до министерството за надворешни работи и да ги пренесете вашите загрижености и потреби. На овој начин, преку овие алатки, капацитетите на министерството имаат намера да ја унапредат комуникацијата на дијаспората со државата и да се зголемат можностите за подобрување на достапноста на услугите кои ги користат овие наши граѓани во странство. Прашалникот „Колку сте задоволни од конзуларните услуги?“, можете да го најдете на следниот линк. Телефонскиот број: +389 75 268 734 (WhatsАpp, Viber)

Ambassadorial meeting at the MFA on the occasion of the first anniversary of NATO membership

 On the occasion of the marking of the anniversary of the Republic of North Macedonia joining NATO, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani gathered the heads of DMCP of the Republic of North Macedonia accredited to EU member states and the permanent posts to EU and NATO at a thematic working meeting. “Just three days ago I returned from the two-day North Atlantic Council in Brussels, where for the first time we literally physically sat at the table, side by side with the strongest countries in the world. Allow me today, at this jubilee, to relay to you that we represent our country in NATO with dignity and at high level, with full technical and personnel capacity in our mission, as befits a country – member of the Alliance. This jubilee was one of the reasons I called here the Heads of Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts of our country, accredited to EU member states. Today, with our Ambassadors we will not only mark the anniversary, but we will substantially analyse what has been done so far; we will recapitulate, make a cross-section of our NATO membership and determine the course of our future diplomatic actions as full-fledged Alliance member”, Osmani said. In terms of the European perspective of the country, Osmani noted: “The European file of the country will undoubtedly have a high place on the agenda of this thematic meeting. I expect to receive precise information about the political situations and the views of EU member states to which the Ambassadors have been accredited. The circumstances are such that in the next two months we have a window of opportunity to the June EU summits. That is a less than three months period in which we expect increased diplomatic activity both from the European administration and from the Union member states, in order to complete our European file and open negotiations.”

In the afternoon of the thematic working meeting, individual sessions will be held with President StevoPendarovski, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, and the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov.


At the Alliance Headquarters in Brussels was held the second day of the NATO North Atlantic council

Today, at the Alliance Headquarters in Brussels the second day of the NATO North Atlantic council at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs took place which was attended by the Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani. One of the main topics of this ministerial meeting was the further development of the NATO 2030 initiative, and the way for NATO to continue to adapt to changes in terms of security and the growing threats. Minister Osmani at the NATO North Atlantic Council underlined that “The Republic of North Macedonia shares the same values with the allies and that the country is prepared to contribute to the protection of security and promotion of cooperation.”  At the meeting, the trans-Atlantic partnership was high on the agenda, whereupon member-states agreed that trans-Atlantic relations remain a cornerstone of our collective defence and are of great importance for political cohesion. The ministers decided to open a new chapter in trans-Atlantic relations at the next NATO Summit and to adopt new guidelines for the future of the Alliance up to and after 2030, as well as to further strengthen the political dimension of NATO including holding consultations. During the meeting, the recommendations for updating the NATO Strategic Concept were accepted. At today’s third session, the need for increasing the strategic cooperation between NATO and the EU was also stressed. “Similarly to NATO, the European perspective will also contribute to the stability and security of our region. We should not allow ambivalence to result in divergence that could be easily taken advantage of by foreign actors. Therefore, the Western Balkans’ joining the EU is of significant importance”, said Minister Osmani. Regarding Afghanistan, the ministers highlighted the full support for the efforts to strengthen the peace process, noting that only through a solution reached through negotiations can sustainable peace be secured and if can be prevented for Afghanistan to become a platform of international terrorism once again. The ministers also exchanged opinions on the Near East, North Africa, the NATO Mission in Iraq, hybrid and cyber challenges, weapons control, disarmament, non-proliferation and combatting terrorism. In the margins of today’s meeting, Minister Osmani had bilateral meetings with the Foreign Minister of Portugal, which is the country currently presiding with the EU, Augustos Santos Silva. In addition to security challenges, the two ministers discussed the European file of the Republic of North Macedonia, especially the chances to complete the Council decision to open negotiations during the Portuguese Presidency. Minister Osmani also met with the Foreign Minister of Finland, Pekka Olavi Haavisto. At the meeting, the interlocutors exchanged opinion on the close partnership between NATO and Finland, the European agenda for the Republic of North Macedonia and the EU enlargement process, as well as the opportunities to deepen the overall relations through promotion of the political dialogue. At the NATO North Atlantic Council, the Foreign Ministers approved and signed several harmonized documents about the topics that were discussed in the framework of NATO.

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